Service area operations highway A5

Hochleithen/Deutsch-Wagram, Austria

The project company Raststätten Betriebs GmbH RBG operates two service stations along the Austrian network of highways and expressways. The term of the building lease for Hochleithen (A5) and Deutsch-Wagram (S1 Ost) lasts until August 31, 2039.

The roadhouses and gas stations are operated through existing contracts between RBG and the lessees. The location Deutsch-Wagram offers travelers a roadhouse with market restaurant, modern well-equipped conference rooms, lounge areas and a 3-star hotel with 100 beds. In addition, in the outside area there are 220 car parking spaces, 200 truck parking spaces and 15 bus parking spaces. At the location Hochleithen there is a fast-food restaurant with separate café with 180 car parking spaces, 60 truck parking space and 8 bus parking spaces. The gas stations at both locations are open 24 hours a day all year round.

Particular emphasis is placed on sustainability. For instance through introducing state-of-the-art measurement, control and regulation technology for energy optimization for the roadhouse, including the hotel on the S1-Ost and the retrofitting of the local waste water disposal plant for the introduction of water-saving sanitary installations on the A5. Furthermore, with the conclusion of two amendment agreements with the gas station operator, e-charging stations were able to be built and commence operations on the A5 highway.



  • Country: Austria
  • Client: ASFINAG
  • Type of contract: Building lease contract
  • Term: until 2039
  • Participants: HOCHTIEF PPP Operations GmbH (49%), HOCHTIEF PPP Operations Austria GmbH (51%)