HOCHTIEF to refurbish and operate more than 50 buildings of the Hessian police

Major contract covers two sites in Mühlheim am Main and KasselProject focus is on energetic refurbishment and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

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HOCHTIEF has successfully procured another major social infrastructure contract. The global infrastructure group has been commissioned by the state of Hesse to refurbish and modernize more than 50 police properties on two sites over a period of five years with a total concession period of 30 years.

The contract covers the riot police departments in Mühlheim am Main and Kassel as well as the Police Academy of Hesse and the Hessian School of Policing and Administration.

“We are pleased that after the successful construction of the new police headquarters in Aachen we are able to implement another signature project for the police”, says Sandra Arendt, chair of the Social Infrastructure Europe executive board of HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions GmbH.

“This building refurbishment will provide the police with state-of-the-art working and living conditions. The expected saving of CO2 emissions in the order of 13,000 tons over the next 30 years is an important contribution to climate protection. This benefits not only the environment, but also our wallet, because the energetic refurbishment will noticeably and permanently reduce the operating costs”, Dr. Thomas Schäfer, finance minister of Hesse, explains.

The focus of the modernization is on energetic redevelopment and energy-efficient building and conversion to increase the utility value of the buildings. All works are carried out by HOCHTIEF Infrastructure during ongoing service and training. The project complies with the specifications of the CO2 reduction and energy efficiency program (COME) of the State of Hesse. COME forms part of a scheme under which the state of Hesse aims for a CO2-neutral administration by 2030. The large-scale energetic refurbishment of state properties is a vital part of this scheme.

“In the implementation of this project we can build on our vast experience in the handling of integrated design, construction and operational services”, says Thomas Kahmann, manager of the Building PPP branch of HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH. “This development with its future-oriented take on energy efficiency fits in perfectly with our sustainability strategy at HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions”, comments Peter Coenen, CEO of HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions GmbH.

The aim is to preserve the existing properties as far as possible and keep new constructions to a minimum. A few of the oldest buildings will be demolished. HOCHTIEF will purchase the two sites and lease them to the police for the duration of the concession.

The property of the III. Riot Police Department in Mühlheim am Main accommodates 29 buildings. Most of them are solid constructions dating from between 1897 and 2006. Only 14 of them are fitted with heating. They serve the riot police as office and administration buildings, training rooms and classrooms, workshops and sports facilities, indoor shooting range, ammunition bunkers and garages. Other buildings house the cafeteria and a central heating system.

The site of the IV. Riot Police Department in Kassel accommodates a total of 21 buildings that are occupied by the riot police, the School of Policing and Administration, and the Police Academy of Hesse. Currently 16 buildings are fitted with long-distance heating. The police use them as administrative buildings, training rooms, accomodations, sports and swimming facilities, garages, cafeteria, and indoor shooting range.